We work with all levels within an organization

Private equity / credit firms
Hedge funds
Investment banks
investment bank
Venture capital
capital venture
Portfolio companies
portfolio companies
hedge funds
investment bank
capital venture
private equity
portfolio companies
Hedge funds

We work with hedge fund investors to maintain calm and clarity, optimize communication within and outside of the fund, maximize decision making, ensure high functioning and fully productive teams, and more.

Investment banks

We help investment bankers maximize productivity and reduce stress, enhance relationship building, communicate productively with their teams and clients, refine presentation skills, and more.

Venture Capital

We help venture capitalists enhance their communication inside and outside of the firm, refine sourcing capabilities, enhance creativity and idea generation, sharpen presentation skills, and more.

Private equity / credit firms

We help PE / private credit firms and their portfolio companies improve systems, enhance communication inside and outside of the company, boost productivity, resolve conflict, identify and address bottlenecks, and more.

Portfolio companies

We help management within portfolio companies of PE firms maximize systems and organization, streamline communication, boost leadership capabilities, and more.

Coaching Structure

Dedicated performance coach

You get the same Performance Coach every session, ensuring trust, consistency, and dedication to your success

50-minute sessions

50 minute sessions at a weekly or bi-weekly cadence

6 months +

Transformation takes time. Our research shows that it takes at least 6 months to experience sustainable gains and growth

We use traditional psychology to drive elite performance

Performance Coach Steven Spitz explains how Arete utilizes the tools and science of traditional psychology to drive superior performance and results.

Arete coaching
Unlock your full potential with Arete coaching

We take a deep, customized approach with individuals to help them elevate their game in a variety of areas, including negotiation, delegation, and relationship building.
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Influence and leadership

Build connection and trust with colleagues

Relationship building

Optimize existing relationships and build new ones with key parties


Learn tools to enhance negotiation outcomes


Refine and clarify thinking around high-impact decisions

Focus and productivity

Cultivate methods to greatly increase productivity

We take a “Private equity” approach to reaching excellence

Similar to the methods used by a private equity firm to maximize performance of a portfolio company, Arete performs a diagnostic to identify areas of improvement, creates a plan to improve each area, and implements timelines and measurements to ensure accountability and success.

Begin coaching

Perform diagnostic with check sheet and interviews

Identify areas of improvement and blind spots

Create tailored, systemized plan for improvement in each area

Implement measurements / KPIs and timetables to ensure accountability

Analyze results and iterate if did not achieve intended goals

Our coaches helps finance professionals transition to and thrive in senior roles (IQ->EQ)

Arete helps Wall Street professionals transition from junior roles, which are more IQ driven, to more senior roles, that rely more on emotional intelligence (EQ) and "soft" skills

Career growth coaching

Skills that drive junior performance (IQ)

Efficiency in Excel and PPT Research Analyzing / processing data Quick comprehension of new concepts Financial modeling

Skills that drive senior performance (EQ)

Communicating with management teams Presenting & leading meetings Leading & motivating others Building & maintaining relationships Managing up / down Delegation Providing feedback

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Deep development
We go deep

Your Performance Coach will get to know you perhaps better than anyone else. They will discover what motivates you, what your strengths are, and what inhibits your performance. It is through this deep knowledge and insight that excellence and peak performance are achieved.

Dual focus on personal and professional

Our personal lives heavily impact our professional performance. Arete realizes this truth and has designed its coaching experience accordingly. Our executive coaches are highly qualified and seasoned at working with clients to ensure they are operating optimally both in and out of the office.

Dual development