What is Arete’s psychological assessment?
We can screen for:
  • Leadership ability
  • Communication style
  • Trustworthiness
  • Integrity
  • Team player
  • Attitude
Gain a deep understanding

Through our psychological tests, we provide insight that allow you to understand one’s personality on a deep level.

Screen for specific qualities

Screen for attributes such as trustworthiness, IQ, integrity, leadership, and other critical drivers of performance.

Reduce hiring risk

Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. Wrong hires can cost a firm millions of dollars.

Maximize operational potential

Ensure your firm is hiring the highest quality, best performers.

Arete’s product vs. competitors

Arete uses validated methods and tests from traditional psychology and converts the results to a finance and performance-focused assessment.

Competitors / Typical coaching firms
Poorly validated testing
Coaching tests not developed by psychologists with low efficacy.
Surface-level assessment
Traditional coaching mechanisms do not.
Unreliable results
Poor and arbitrary conclusions are often drawn.
Non-credentialed evaluators
Evaluators typically not qualified to generate accurate assessments.
One-size fits all approach
Often use same series of simple, online surveys such as DISC.
Validated testing
Utilizes current, gold standard from clinical psychology for finance population.
Goes deep
Our testing goes deep, illuminating factors that would not show up in competitor protocols.
Results translate and are predictive.
Credentialed evaluators
Licensed psychologists with specialized experience.
Tailored, customized approach
Consults company to learn needs then tailors battery of most relevant tests.
Make sure you're hiring the right candidates

Getting the right people in the right seats is vital to a company's success. Utilizing Arete's testing increases the probability of getting this right.

Qualities Arete can screen for

Arete uses instruments that can screen for almost any quality, including:

Common attributes for junior /mid-level candidates

Work ethic Attitude Accountability Independent thought Resilience

Common attributes
screened for both

Communication style & Optimism Empathy Difficult personality traits Stress tolerance Interpersonal Skills Trustworthiness Quality of interpersonal relationships Integrity Team Player

Common attributes for partner / executive candidates

Motivational patterns Intellectual strengths Leadership style & capacity Resilience Ability to motivate others IQ Executive functioning

Like to learn more about candidate assessments?

Get in touch for a free intro call to learn more about what working with Arete looks like.
Arete’s tailored process to candidate assessment

Unlike many of our competitors, Arete consults with our clients to precisely understand their hiring system and preferences and creates a testing system that is tailored to fit their needs.

Deep dive
Arete holds a 1-hour consulting call with the client to grasp hiring process, cultural values, and desired performance traits.
Testing selection
Given this information, Arete selects a battery of psychological tests that are most appropriate for the client’s hiring needs.
Testing conducted
Arete’s skilled psychologist conducts in-person testing, including an in-depth one-on-one interview and a battery of validated psychological tests.
Arete’s psychologist attends the client’s office in person, presenting the results.
Written report
Arete’s psychologist then compiles and analyzes the results, synthesizing them into a comprehensive written report.