Arete is the leader in performance coaching for financial firms, helping organizations and their people reach new levels.


We specialize in finance. Our coaches understand the drivers of performance, the culture, and what it takes to succeed in your world.

We work with all levels within an organization

Private equity / credit firms
Hedge funds
Investment banks
investment bank
Venture capital
venture capital
Portfolio companies
portfolio company
hedge funds
investment banks
capital venture
prvate equity
portfolio companies
Hedge funds

We work with hedge fund investors to maintain calm and clarity, optimize communication within and outside of the fund, maximize decision making, ensure high functioning and fully productive teams, and more.

Investment banks

We help investment bankers maximize productivity and reduce stress, enhance relationship building, communicate productively with their teams and clients, refine presentation skills, and more.

Venture capital

We help venture capitalists enhance their communication inside and outside of the firm, refine sourcing capabilities, enhance creativity and idea generation, sharpen presentation skills, and more.

Private equity / credit firms

We help PE / private credit firms and their portfolio companies improve systems, enhance communication inside and outside of the company, boost productivity, resolve conflict, identify and address bottlenecks, and more.

Portfolio companies

We help management within portfolio companies of PE firms maximize systems and organization, streamline communication, boost leadership capabilities, and more.

Our solutions

Learn more about our comprehensive, yet highly customized, approach to executive coaching for financial firms.

One-on-one coaching

We provide a variety of services to drive maximum value at financial firms and portfolio companies.

Candidate assessment / screening

Reduce hiring risk and find the right people for the right seats through scientifically tested screening.

Group coaching

We match individual targets with company goals, fostering enhanced teamwork, better communication, and increased productivity.

360 Review

Arete's robust 360 process gathers direct, candid feedback that enhances self-awareness and drives performance for our clients.

Organizational consulting

We work with management and HR to enhance systems, team dynamics, and company processes to drive performance.

Our coaches understand your world

Jackie Patmore explains the benefits of working exclusively with finance professionals and the importance of understanding the lifestyle, language, and performance drivers of your world.

Graph highlighting strong ROI
The ROI is undeniable

The return on investment (ROI) of effective and successful coaching is undeniable. Like professional sports teams, hedge funds, private equity firms, and investment banks invest millions of dollars to hire top tier talent. Ensuring that talent is fully optimized, physically and mentally, ensures maximized productivity and minimized risk of underperformance and attrition.

Arete drives individual performance

We take a deep, customized approach with individuals to help them elevate their game in a variety of areas, including negotiation, delegation, and relationship building.
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Person achieving peak performance
Influence and leadership

Build connection and trust with colleagues

Relationship building

Optimize existing relationships and build new ones with key parties


Learn tools to enhance negotiation outcomes


Refine and clarify thinking around high-impact decisions

Focus and productivity

Cultivate methods to greatly increase productivity

Organizational growth through Arete
Arete drives organizational performance

Our coaches get to know your firm on a deep, highly detailed level. Through this understanding, we drive real, meaningful performance throughout your firm.
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Enhance communication within and among teams

Replace complaint-focused communication with solution-focused communication

Reduce bottlenecks and enable more efficient workstreams

Identify & resolve problem areas before they negatively impact culture

Increase personal accountability and ownership

Arete’s commitment to excellence

James Forsyth, co-founder, discusses Arete’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business.