We enhance group performance in many areas

Team dynamics

We improve relationships and interactions amongst team members at all levels


Enhance communication between team members and create effective communication systems

Conflict resolution

Address and help resolve the inevitable tensions that arise in any company environment

Improve Group Function

By assessing the ways that groups work individually and as part of a larger system, we assist in creating cohesion and increasing collaboration

Use assessments to predict team dynamics

We use psychological measures, 360 reviews, self-assessments, and other means to assess team members' performance and set a baseline for improvement

Group psychology

Help identify and resolve "group think" and existing biases that impede performance and open up people to change, improvement, and more constructive mindsets

We bridge the gap

We understand the views of all levels within an organization, from Managing Partners to Analysts,
and we bridge the gap to maximize team productivity and culture.

Gap bridging
Can Arete address group conflict?

Performance Coach Brent Bounds discusses how group coaching can be an effective tool to address conflicts in the office.

Improve group performance

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Across teams and positions

We work with individuals at every level of an organization to achieve a comprehensive and effective impact. Coaching can be deployed horizontally (example: just Principals) and vertically (example: Partner down to Associate).

Team unity
In-person and virtual
In-person + virtual

We deliver both in-person and virtual group coaching depending on your company's needs, preferences, and constraints.

Groups of any size

We have experience working with groups of any size, from two founding managing partners to coaching sessions with dozens of employees.

Flexible group sizes
Group of 2-5 people
Group of 10-100 people